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Joe made the world a better place.  The core of what we hope to achieve lies in continuing his passion and dedication to the range of projects we take part in. We strive to build productive relationships and have a positive impact will all of our pursuits. Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

The Foundation will support diabetes research, education, and the Barton Center camps for diabetic children; it will also support a wide variety of other charitable causes that will perpetuate Joe’s living legacy.

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"Young Joe Kenney was defined by his smile, not his illness"

His nickname, 'YJK,' stood for Young Joe Kenney, a beloved brother, ringleader, and copilot

By Tom Farragher

OXFORD — He was the boy from central casting, the impossibly cute little kid who climbed trees, jumped off roofs, wore cowboy boots, and was at the center of a large group of friends who simply adored him.

And as Joe Kenney grew into adolescence and then young adulthood, he never lost his zest for life, wearing a wide smile and acquiring an appreciation for a kaleidoscopic sunset or the grandeur of a full moon rising over a tranquil New England lake.


That perpetual smile and his youthful enthusiasm earned him a nickname that stuck: Young Joe Kenney.

About Joe

Joe was a great outdoorsman.  He traveled abroad to Australia and New Zealand his Junior year at the University of Colorado.  He loved capturing the beauty he saw there and sharing it with us.  He was devasted by the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef, but was so excited to send his father a postcard from there!  He loved spending lazy days in his hammock, which he gladly placed between any two trees, particularly high in the Flatirons of Colorado.  He was happy to jump in any body of water, any time of year.  


Joe's boundless energy and passion for these things were contagious, and we know he would want his family and friends to be able to continue to enjoy them.  

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Joe was constantly surrounded by family and friends.  He was always planning his next adventure.  It usually included a fishing pole, hammock and a PBR.   In winter months, it was a snowboard, fire, and a PBR.  Joe was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was 8 years old.  He never let it define him, or slow him down. He had a special passion for everything he did.  Including eating!  No one appreciated a good meal like Joe.  He loved every sunset.  And a few sunrises! Joe never had a bad word to say about anyone.  

Joe will be remembered for all these things and more.  We are committed to supporting Joe's passions and sharing his energy for generations to come.

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